What My Authors Say

"Over my twenty-five-year career as a novelist, I’ve worked with four of the Big Five publishing companies, and had a total of twelve different in-house editors — and Adrienne Kerr was by far the best. Not only was she wonderfully supportive, caring, kind, and passionate about my books — making her the best in-house advocate any author could ever have asked for — but she is also brilliant, incisive, and insightful when it comes to the actual text. I recommend her in the highest possible terms with no reservations whatsoever."     

ROBERT J. SAWYER, bestselling author of Quantum Night

"Adrienne has a keen eye for where a story needs to go and how to help an author get it there. She provided me with incredible insight for Bride of New France on which sections to develop and which to curtail and has done the same with my second novel. But what made her an even more remarkable editor for me was her ability to see the magic I wanted to produce before it was even fully formed on the page. Her enthusiasm kept me going with the projects and her kindness was a reassuring presence on the journey to getting a book published."


SUZANNE DESROCHERS, bestselling author of Bride of New France

"Adrienne is a gift to writers. I loved working with her and walked away from each editorial conference smiling and re-energized. Firm yet diplomatic, her insights and suggestions not only clarified my manuscript but made it better. I can’t wait to work with her again because she speaks fluent me." 


SIMON CHOA-JOHNSTON, award-winning author of House of Wives

"It's when I leaf through the pages of my finished novel that I realize how much Adrienne's influence has helped transform my rough first words into polished prose. She has the best qualities, rare these days, of an old-fashioned editor: respect for her authors along with a dedication to helping them become better writers. And as a plus - she's loads of fun to work with!"


D. J. McINTOSH, bestselling author of Witch of Babylon 

“Adrienne Kerr is efficient, organized, a true book person, and very smart. She has that essential attribute of a good editor: she sees herself as serving the author and manuscript, not her own ‘vision’ or ego. She also has patience and a sense of humour. Any writer or publisher working with her should be considered fortunate.”


GUY GAVRIEL KAY, award-winning author of River of Stars

"Working with Adrienne Kerr is a throwback to the heyday where editors worked closely and scrupulously with authors to help mold great writing into something even better. Hands down the best editor I ever worked with."


J. KENT MESSUM, award-winning author of Bait and Husk

"Adrienne Kerr is an insightful, perceptive and market-savvy editor who brings out the best in a writer. She's a rare combination: tactful but direct; gutsy yet sensitive; empathetic and fun. Adrienne is a careful listener, an astute problem-solver, and a great guide from draft through to publication. You'll love working with her. I do."

ANIA SZADO, bestselling author of Studio Saint-Ex

"It would be difficult to overstate the brilliance of Adrienne Kerr as an editor. She edited my novel, The Afterlife of Stars, and she brought a sympathy for my characters, an understanding of the lifeblood of the work, and a sense of the through-line of the story... She helped fashion the novel into what I hoped it would become: a work of art. Equally importantly, she brought an excitement and enthusiasm to my work that I dreamed an editor would have. She was for all intents and purposes the novel's godmother and midwife. I would be thrilled and honoured to have Adrienne edit all of the literary work, comic or tragic, that I hope yet to produce." 


JOSEPH KERTES, award-winning author of The Afterlife of Stars